Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kindle Paperwhite - Easy on the Eyes!

Hey, everyone! If you haven't checked out the new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, please do so today.

Amazon has really upgraded this beauty and, I can tell you from experience, you will want to take it everywhere. The compact dimensions and less-than-8-ounce weight will let you toss the device in your backpack and not slow you down.

The Paperwhite has been engineered to provide you with the best reading experience by starting with an e-ink display that looks like printed paper and which can be easily seen in direct sunlight. Plus, there is a newly designed light to make sure you can continue to read after dark.

Isn't it horrible when the battery runs down? Well, with the Paperwhite, the battery can last for weeks, not hours. You see, the e-ink display only needs power when you change from one page to another.

I can honestly say that I only charge my Kindle Paperwhite about every-other month and that is with me reading for about a half-hour every evening before going to bed. I wish my Android tablets could do even one-tenth that well on battery power!

This device easily holds approximately 1000 books, plus you have nearly endless storage in the Amazon cloud for more books. Remember, not all Kindle books cost; everyday Amazon offers a ton for free.

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